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Daily Bread: Stories from Rural Greece
by Beatrice Hamblett

A fine-art book of photographs and stories culled from 10 years of road trips through Greece.  Daily Bread: Stories from Rural Greece offers a a fresh look at Greece while presenting a new kind of storytelling. 

The “Greek story” has been much in the news but
Daily Bread presents a Greece instead with real people plucked from rural villages. Determined to break the stereotype of  news stories publicizing only the economic crisis, photographer/storyteller Hamblett, brings a multitude of voices to her work. The reader will meet farmers, bakers, fisherman—people living simple lives in small villages held together by family and traditions.

You will meet Litza, a young woman who rises at 4 a.m. daily to open her bakery in a small mountain village near Albania. Elias will come to life, a handsome, rugged man living alone with his herd of 500 sheep above the meadows of Kato Pedina. The faces of Takis and Riko, a sheep farmer and his Albanian assistant, will speak of the toils of milking and tending animals, year in year out.

In both her photographs and stories, Hamblett reaches for the moments that distill the essence of character and occasion, moments that celebrate the ancient traditions, the love of family,  the courage and dignity of a people as they embrace the 21st century.

Soft cover
88 pages
Publication date: December 31, 2015
11 x 9.5 oblong