​60 Photos to Publication — April 2015

I'm back in the darkroom trying to do a run of consecutive days--so much better that way as it is easier to get “in the zone.” Darkroom processing requires a high degree of concentration while dipping, viewing and evaluating each print.

As faces and places emerge out of my tray of developer, I am getting intimate again with old friends. Hello Litza! Ah, the Gamilla mountain range, such beauty! Mikis, I know you are well into the milking season once again! As I print, I realize the process and the relationship with each print takes a different turn each time the print presents itself beneath the enlarger. Ah, that corner is too bright. I did not notice before. Or, let’s brighten up the contrast—don’t be afraid to dial up to 3.5, or 4. (These numbers represent the contrast filters on my Saunders Enlarger which allow me to brighten or soften a print.)

From time to time I consult my wall of inspiration in my dark room for wise words. John Sexton, my teacher reminds me: "Make sure every square inch (of the photograph) is part of the story."

And then in the evening, after the prints are dry, I climb the stairs to my studio and survey the work of the day. The prints smile back at me and I admit how happy I am to be gathering these photos into a book, a commemoration of days spent on the road, a celebration of my subjects and their days spent observing daily ritual.


Four versions of one photo