Artist Statement



I am interested in the details of working lives and the ambience of places where rural people labor and celebrate religious rituals: the 6 a.m. morning milking; the summer Panagiri (feast days); the villages where people enact timeless daily activities.


I began “Daily Bread” my most recent portfolio in 2004; it is the culmination of many road trips photographing  in rural Greece. I shoot with film and a medium-format camera and print gelatin silver prints. I like to think that the simplicity and directness of my method reflects the lives my camera bears witness to.


Traditions, rituals, and the work that holds people togetherwhat does this look like in the 21st- century?  What does this look like as Greek people face hardships and life-changes because of the economic crisis? 


I go to places where the soul of Greece speaks to me: farms in Epirus near the Albanian border where workers milk by hand but use cell phones and 4x4 trucks; grape pickers in the Peloponissos; villagers joined in communal rituals and feast days eating, drinking, dancing. I am drawn to photographing people who whether by choice or destiny have lives in tune with the natural world.



The people I photograph have touched me deeply and so I have tried to present them in a modern context free of nostalgia. Through exposure and printing techniques, I wish to emphasize the beauty of their movements, the dignity of their work, and the magic of the natural world around them.